South by South West, 2011

It has been a harrowing, hell-going week, my friends. I look forward to sitting on a plane heading for Texas and the SXSW music convention with the stresses of the Big Apple behind me. For me the airplane seat has always been a place of great comfort and solace. I look around with pity at the anxious faces of those who hate to fly, who find the seats cramped and the whole stress of the airport too much for their hearts to handle. I side more with Louis CK, who reminds us that when we’re in the air we ought to liken ourselves more to Greek gods than packed sardines, that the wonders of flight far outweigh its anxieties.

For anyone planning on bringing dead insects back from overseas, I just want to let you know that it’s okay to do so, and they won’t confiscate them at customs. I do recommend declaring them, however. The guard there was only interested in knowing
whether my five-horned rhinoceros beetle (eupatorus gracilicornis) was alive, and were happy to let me through upon being informed that it was dead and under glass.

A busy week ahead in Austin, we have about seven shows. First, a last minute invitation to play a party at the Spiderhouse Ballroom (previously know as ‘Austin Art Authority’) where artist Storm Thorgerson (designer of the Dark Side of the Moon album sleeve) will be showing some pieces.

Our official showcase is on Thursday at the Palm Door (12 midnight). On Friday we have a Waterloo inshore at 5 p.m., then a quick show at Guero’s at 9p.m. Finally on Saturday a show with Brooklyn Vegan at 3 p.m. a show at the Blind Pig at 5 p.m., and
another Spider House show at 8:30, by which time I’m not sure I’ll be awake but we’ll still play.

After that we leave for Europe, where I hear they have many centuries worth of history for us to ridicule. Should be a great trip, and I plan to bring my Lomo Panoramic camera this time, not forget it at home like I usually do. I wonder sometimes why I even bought the thing, if I wasn’t going to make panoramic photography my life.

So, see you all out there and hope you’re all growing up to be cowboys.

Conrad Keely
March 2011, NYC